A very friendly restaurant

Those who choose to stop by the Pasha never ceases to be amazed: crossing the threshold for entry will be like entering a parallel world, where time seems to stop and the space will be so familiar as to feel almost at home.
To the Pasha we always take care of our guests with kindness and gentleness and it is for our constant attention to details that the Pasha has been designed to accommodate a limited number of customers at a time, so that everyone can feel loved and pampered at home.
Housed within a former palace of '900, the Pasha has everything you need to have in a home, a dining room with a few tables where you can breathe familiarity and friendliness, a room decorated just for two quite fitting for their privacy and a relaxation area with comfortable sofas on which to relax and enjoy an inviting aperitif, or even end the dinner with cigars and spirits.
The kitchen of the chef Maria Cicorella stands out: brightly colored dishes, great to look at and to taste, accompanied by the finest wines, selected for you so that your stay is unique and appreciated more than ever.