A 2013 full of stars

The Michelin Red Star shines on Apulia and, more precisely, on the Pasha,  the house restaurant with a view on Piazza Castello in Conversano , a short walk from the coast of the Adriatic.
The self-taught chef Maria Cicorella gained the valuable award from Michelin magazine, showing herself proud to have achieved such an important result not only personal, but as a team. Chef of necessity and passion rather than clear vocation, Mary Cicorella passed at the helm of the kitchen of the Pashà with boldness and courage, working by day and studying at night on the books of the great Italian chefs. From her home, intimate and private, to the kitchen of a restaurant, the step was short, but safe and strong. Experimentation and tradition are the cornerstones of his cooking: never too far from the origin and tradition and never entirely devoted to experimentation.
A fully calibrated and balanced cooking, on which stands high and bright the Michelin Red Star.