Tastes stories

Cooking is a way of giving, a form of sharing.
we like to think that you dont' speak about good cooking just at the table, this is the reason why we will try to bring online some of our world.

Welcome to the blog of the pasha': sit back and happy reading!

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Easter and easter monday at the pasha

Even at Easter, the Pasha has created a sophisticated and exclusive menu to inebriate your palate.
You will find below all the dishes of the menu for lunch on Easter Sunday and Monday, designed specially for the occasion. Read more


A very friendly restaurant

Those who choose to stop by the Pasha never ceases to be amazed: crossing the threshold for entry will be like entering a parallel world, where time seems to stop and the space will be so familiar as to feel almost at home. Read more


A 2013 full of stars

The Michelin Red Star shines on Apulia and, more precisely, on the Pasha,  the house restaurant with a view on Piazza Castello in Conversano , a short walk from the coast of the Adriatic. Read more


The secret of success

Passion and dedication, uniqueness and exceptionality, trust and collaboration. These are the ingredients perfectly calibrated and continuously stirred of the restaurant Pasha, in the splendid showcase of Piazza Castello. Read more


The gift of uniqueness

Our uniqueness is the most precious gift we have and it is precisely on the concept of uniqueness and exceptionality that we based the philosophy of the restaurant Pasha kitchen. Read more